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Peninsula Eyecare is a long-established practice, having been in the area even before Peninsula Fair was first built. In operation for over forty years, our exceptionally high level of care and service means we’ve treated generation after generation in our local community.

We offer a range of eye care services as well as a large selection of frames and lenses, ensuring that your vision and eye health is in the very best hands.

New look, same service

We’ve recently undergone a complete upgrade, refreshing our look but keeping our service the same. Our recent refurb has included all-new, state-of-the-art technology to ensure we are accurately testing your vision and detect any conditions as early as possible. We’ve also expanded our frame selection, offering more variety.

Easy online bookings

We know how busy people are these days which is why we offer simple online bookings with minimal fuss. To book your appointment with one of our friendly optometrists, simply fill in our online booking form. We’ll confirm your appointment as soon as possible.


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